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#Press release

Bag Hanger, S-Shaped Hook, Assist Hook, etc. Multi-Hook with a Load Capacity of 45kg with 6 Functions to be Released on April 1!

FukurouHook 6-45 is a multi-hook with 6 functions such as bag hanger, S-hook and assist hook.
with six functions including bag hanger, S-shaped hook, and assist hook.
FukurouHook 6-45, a multi-hook with six functions, including a bag hanger, S-shaped hook, and assist hook, went on sale on April 1, 2021.

This product has received 223 supporters and more than 1,000 donations through crowdfunding (Makuake).
223 supporters and
This product has achieved a total of 223 supporters and 15,344 USD (1,659,600 yen) in support purchases (target amount 1,000 USD) through crowdfunding (Makuake)!

Three features of the FukurouHook 6-45
1. 45kg load capacity
While general bag hangers have a load capacity of 10-20kg, this product is a multi-hook with a weight of only 18g, yet it can support a load capacity of 45kg.
2. ultra light weight
As light as four 10-yen coins, yet as strong as stainless steel or iron. It is made of duralumin (A2017), which is also used for aviation parts.
It can be used as a convenient carabiner not only for outdoor scenes but also for daily use. 3.
3. high-grade feel
Each surface of the carabiner has a different cutting pattern.
We hope that you will use it as your own unique tool in the outdoors or in the city, as no two patterns are the same.


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