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Drilling techniques


Making full use of our hole processing expertise, we provide various solutions to processing holes from “Drilling, Punching, to Etching.”

Making full use of drilling and machining technologies, we process all kinds of materials from various resin and soft metals. Without having to make the mold, the multi-spindle drilling machine is capable of working simultaneously to keep the cost low and manage from small to large lot orders.
“Outline machining” and “Countersink service” will process your products to the desired dimensions. We're equipped with the production capacity to respond promptly to your requests to downsize or specialize your end products. Our latest machine can handle high-speed fine shape cutting in volume.

Processing characteristics

  • No burrs or chip residues. High-speed mass production of fine outline machining with a maximum dimensional accuracy of 30µ.
  • Countersinking with a mirror finish and cutting depth control.
  • Optical dimension measuring device allows precise
Automatic programming (APT) allows computer-controlled automatic tool changer to handle various processing (milling, boring, and drilling) simultaneously to tailor to your needs. Through this system, we provide our customers with a low-cost, one-stop service (both designing & manufacturing) by using CAD/CAM that handles complex 3D object processing without the need to make actual jigs and molds.
It is a processing method for punching board or sheet materials using dies such as Thomson die or pinnacle die.
In general, the processing time is shorter than other methods, and holes can be punched in a regular sequence at a low cost, though it requires an initial cost of the die. It is also possible to punch holes in various shapes by making a specific die.
Laser processing uses laser beams with high directionality and energy density to process drilling and cutting.
It can be used for cutting, drilling, and quenching metal and non-metal materials such as wood and rubber.
The non-contact processing allows for a high precision processing of even soft materials.